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That’s why: Check4Balance

Our service unburdens you completely in the area of record structures and document management and prevents unnecessary problems. The advantages for you are:

  1. You do not have to concern yourself with gathering and managing the required documents. We request all the documents for you and keep you updated with a clear overview.
  2. You minimise the risk of fines from the Dutch Tax Authority, IND or the Inspectorate SZW (labour inspectorate). The document management of your flexible staff is in order.
  3. You minimise the risk of hirers’ liability because you know that your providers/temporary work agencies/(sub)contractors have their affairs in order.
  4. You can do business with your providers of temporary workers in a good atmosphere. We request the documents and apply some pressure if necessary.
  5. You keep the overview without any effort. In our monthly (4 weekly/periodical) reports, you see exactly which information and documents are from your provider and which are from your temporary workers. You’ll also directly see what documents/information you still need. Together, we coordinate the required follow-up actions and carry them out.
  6. You have no stress about unexpected audits from the Dutch Tax Authority, IND or Inspectorate SZW. Within one work day, we provide you with all the requested overviews and information.