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Minimise hirers’ liability through monitoring

We monitor the organisations from which you hire or employ temporary workers. That way, you know that your providers have their affairs in order and you minimise your own risks in the area of hirers’ liability and fines.

No worries with precise document management

You need all kinds of documents for your temporary workers. With our service, you no longer have to concern yourself with these. We request all the documents and compile and maintain a complete record of each individual. And we give you structural updates on the state of affairs by means of clear management reports.

Avoid fines with direct availability of documents

The Dutch Tax Authority, Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and the labour inspectorate check to make sure you have all the required documents for your temporary workers. With our proper document management, you avoid heavy fines, a bad reputation due to publications and stress. Within 24 hours, we include all the requested documents in this service.