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Our approach

We follow these steps for a meticulous record structure and complete document management. During this process, we provide you with structural updates.

Step 1

You tell us from which companies you hire workers. These are often temporary work agencies, freelancer agencies or international subcontractors, but they could also be other companies.

Step 2

We check to make sure these companies/agencies meet all the conditions.

Step 3

We ask for all of your hired temporary workers’ required information and documents.

Step 4

With our digital tool, we collect all this information in two neat reports.

Step 5

Every four weeks, you receive an overview of your temporary workers and the available documents via e-mail. That way, you’ll directly see what documents/information you still need.

Step 6

Every three months, you are sent an overview of your providers and the conditions they do/do not meet.

Step 7

We ‘hound’ them for the missing documents.

Step 8

If the documents still do not come in, you run risks as a hirer. Then you can decide yourself whether to continue doing business with providers that neglect to present documents.